I first picked up a guitar when I was 14. My brother played, and I was never really interested, until the day he offered to teach me 'Fast Car' by Tracy Chapman. Because of my love for that song I just couldn't resist. I sat up all night perfecting it, and I even learnt how to sing along to it whilst I was playing. The next day I was so proud, so I decided to record a video and put it out on YouTube - for my friends to see. People seemed to like it, so I decided to learn how to play another song so I could post that too... and that's how it all started. Something just clicked inside of me whilst I was playing guitar and singing, a happiness and a satisfaction I'd never felt before,  so I never stopped.


Here I am 10 years later (24 years old) with 8 original singles released, and much more music to come! Despite all the shit of the music industry, I've decided to never give up on my dream - the ups are so worth it.. and you guys are SO worth it. <3 

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